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Community Perspective: How to be a better business ally

For local businesses, allyship can be crucial to success, and Peregrin Sanchez, director of the Friendly City Safe Space, submitted a piece suggesting how.


Community Perspective: National Housing Author speaking amid Harrisonburg Zoning Reform


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

Community Perspective: We have the power to end animal abuse


Community Perspective: Blue Ridge FC: Harrisonburg’s New Soccer Sensation Draws Crowds and Dreams Big


Community Perspective: An open letter to Virginia Senator Tim Kaine

A contributed perspectives piece by Holly Herr Stravers


Community Perspective: AI-based dashboards shedding light on Donald Trump’s misbehaviors

A contributed perspectives piece by Mike Mitri We live in a highly polarized political climate, where misinformation runs rampant on social media, in political discourse, and in some segments of the news media. The power of information technology, including artificial intelligence, is all too often used to deceive and exploit, rather than inform and enlighten. …

people sitting in auditorium seats facing a table with others

Community Perspective: School Board Breaks Promise to Protect Parental Rights

A contributed perspectives piece by Hilary Moore As many know, the Rockingham County School Board recently pulled 57 titles from our school shelves, some in response to parental complaints, others without complaint. By unilaterally pulling books, rather than referring concerned parents to the many tools already available in our schools that help parents control their …

A colorful book held in someone's hands

Community Perspective: On Banned Books and Institutional Speech

A contributed perspectives piece by Evan Knappenberger

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