Oh yeah, there’s a U.S. Senate race in Virginia

Overshadowed by the presidential campaign and other expensive and hotly-contested U.S. Senate contests, both Democratic Sen. Mark Warner and his Republican challenger Daniel Gade seem OK with running in an under-the-radar race.


Kathleen “Doc” Kelley hopes to heal Harrisonburg


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

Housing authority moving forward on plan for voucher flexibility; Mayor urges Halloween safety

Harrisonburg’s housing authority is making progress with the draft of its plan to be part of a federal program that will allow for more flexibility in using federal dollars and more incentives to low-income people in hopes of putting them on a path to “self-sufficiency,” the authority’s leader told the city council Tuesday.


Hendricks’ custom approach to the job

When Charles Hendricks meets a client who wants to build a house, it’s usually just a casual rap about their life: No drafting, no visualization, not even a plan for what the house will look like by the end. Rather than wasted time, Hendricks says his clients understand the method to the madness when he comes back with full blueprints of a design.


Apartments, retail stores may replace shuttered Regal Cinema property

Coming soon to a theater near you: apartments, restaurants and retail establishments?


Bridgewater College’s alumni, students and faculty rush to defend programs from cuts

Many Bridgewater College alumni, students and faculty were surprised by the announcement this month that the college would eliminate several student organizations and some academic programs and are mobilizing to try to save some of them.


Community perspective: Safeguard the union after the election

The Coronavirus pandemic and the current vitriolic election campaigns have underscored the intense political and social divisions that we face as a nation and as a community. If our union and our local communities are to remain intact, it is crucial that people of goodwill foster understanding across partisan divides.


Community perspective: Freedom of expression

As a nonpartisan group of women, we are writing to affirm that whoever you are, our equality is bound up with yours, as yours is bound up with ours. In our workplaces, homes, communities, and collectively as a nation, we are all making important choices. We are laying foundations for our shared future. Will we live into our founding fathers’ ideals of liberty and justice, freedom and equality for all?


Reed looks to continue efforts on housing, a new school and helping businesses affected by COVID

Mayor Deanna Reed, one of five candidates contending for three seats on the Harrisonburg City Council, says she has plenty of unfinished business — in part as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.



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