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Even recycling looks a little different in a pandemic

By Chase Downey, contributor

The city, earlier this month, reopened its recycling center on Beery Road after a more than 11-week hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

For some residents, it was a welcome return to help clear the backlog of cardboard, cans and plastic containers. Others have been seeking out the mobile recycling unit — which kept operating — each week to make sure they’re doing their part for the environment. 

But even though the recycling center has reopened, its operations are yet another reminder of the myriad ways life is different now than it was a few months ago. 

Here’s how: 

In addition to the Recycling Convenience Center of Beery Road, the mobile unit operates starting at 8 a.m.: 

  • Monday at the Lucy Simms Center
  • Tuesday at Westover Park
  • Wednesday at Park View Mennonite Church
  • Thursday at the walking track parking lot at Waterman Elementary
  • Saturday at the Farmers Market

While the mobile unit’s hours typically last until noon, often the unit closes early when the containers are filled. 

The city announced that the Beery Road center will be closed Friday in observance of the July 4 holiday, and the mobile unit won’t operate Saturday either but will return to its schedule Monday. 

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