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Small town, big cheer

A Grinch cutout steals holiday lights outside a home on Main Street in Dayton.

Story, photos and video by Mike Tripp, contributor

Holiday lights are joyous, bringing a smile to the Grinchiest face.

After the past year, the idea of this season’s outdoor light displays brightens the gloom of 2020.

A Christmas wreath and lights hang from a balcony at 363 College Street in Dayton.
A reindeer and sleigh join snowflakes on Keswick Circle in Dayton.

So, when asked to photograph the light display at 210 Keswick Circle in Dayton that even dances to music piped into your car, the answer was easy.

Holiday lights dance in time to music being piped through the radios of those watching outside 210 Keswick Circle in Dayton.

One problem.  … How does one photograph something that is so visually impressive because it moves in time to music?

Still photos are fantastic, but sometimes you need a little video to capture that full moving picture.

While out photographing the original display, I could not help but enjoy some of the other displays scattered about Dayton.

Here are some of what caught my eye.

Frosty the Snowman and Snoopy blowups wave from the porch of a home residence on Thompson Street in Dayton.
A reindeer blowup plays with a package as part of a holiday display on Mason Street in Dayton.
A Santa cutout peeks over a fence on Main Street.
Wooden gingerbread figures with Christmas lights celebrate outside a home on College Street.
Glowing Christmas trees are part of the fun at 210 Keswick Circle in Dayton.

P.S. : The two Minions were my favorite. Especially with a smaller one hiding in the bushes across the street. 

Minions blowups feature front and center on Cascade Drive in Dayton.

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