Community Perspective: Revised Revision of Carols, 2021

A community perspectives piece by Tom Arthur

Retired JMU acting teacher, Tom Arthur, offers tongue-in-cheek carols for challenging times:

“Away From the Virus”

“What Scourge is This?”

“O Come All Ye Masked”  

“We Wish You a Vaccination”  

“Deck the Halls with Sanitizers”

“Hark the Muffled Angels Sing”

“I’m Dreaming of a New Booster”

“Omicron Night Gives Me a Fright”

“Stop the Malls from Spreading Covid” 

“It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Delta”

“It’s the Most Omicron Time of the Year”

“Delta fells/Delta quells/Delta’s in the way”  

“Have Yourself an Omicron-less Christmas”

“Dashing through the Snow in a Pestilential Shay”

A retired Professor of Theatre, Tom Arthur was part of an effort to bring arts practitioners to JMU and Harrisonburg for educational purposes.

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