Community Perspective: We have the power to end animal abuse

A contributed perspectives piece by Noelle Tagliarini 

Almost every day, I witness innocent, suffering animals crammed into trucks and carried to the slaughterhouse via South High Street in a manner that is both torturous and heartbreaking. These animals endure immense suffering, confined in tight spaces without room to move or breathe comfortably.

 Watching this scene unfold day after day has shown me just how much work we need to do to end animal abuse. It’s not just the turkeys on the trucks; it’s the many animals around the world subjected to cruelty and inhumane treatment.

 We have the power to make a difference. By raising awareness and advocating for change, we can improve the lives of these animals and push for more humane practices. I encourage you to join me in taking a stand against animal abuse. Together, we can amplify our voices and demand a better world for all living beings.

 Please take a moment to visit to sign up and learn more about how you can help end animal abuse. Your support and commitment to this cause can create a meaningful impact.

  Thank you for considering this important issue. Let’s work together for a kinder, more compassionate world.

Noelle is a new resident of Harrisonburg (from Westchester County, NY)and defaults to being an artist due to chronic lyme and CFS. Noelle had a vibrant career in technology and human services prior to chronic illness. Her art can be found on Instagram @Taveren77.

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