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Community Perspective: Harrisonburg Can’t Move Forward on Sustainability Without HEC


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

Community Perspective: Bike Riding


Friendly City Food Co-op

Community Perspective: When Grandma Missed the Boat

A contributed perspectives piece by Anna Rose Geary Grandmother Teresa Puca was a very determined woman.  She was a Neapolitan, and all Italians knew there was no arguing with someone from Naples.  It was generally believed that Neapolitans could out-cook, out-argue and out-shout any other Italians!  So, when grandma decided to do something, there was nothing anyone could …

Community Perspective: Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome and long COVID

A community perspectives piece by Ronna Wertman As the world adjusts to living with COVID-19, millions of people remain missing from their everyday lives due to a chronic illness that many are not aware of. The medical community often provides incorrect advice and lacks proper institutional funding to find treatments and a cure. This disease …

Statewide environmental news roundup – April 2022

The 2020 Virginia Clean Economy Act required the state’s utilities to move aggressively into the renewable energy arena. Virginia Business reports that “Virginia’s largest electric utilities [Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power] are deploying an array of technologies as they decarbonize, digitalize and decentralize their power grids to meet the state’s and their own clean energy goals.” An SCC hearing examiner will issue a decision on Appalachian Power’s proposals “pretty quickly.” The projected costs of the utilities’ plans are raising concerns.

Community Perspective: An H’burg Graduate Today

A community perspectives piece by Tom Arthur After almost a half-century of teaching in an area with four institutions of higher learning, this retired educator keeps learning about what students here have achieved. A week ago, a former School of Theatre and Dance graduate, Wendy Bohon, visited Harrisonburg and I was able to meet and talk with …

Statewide environmental news roundup – March 2022

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) continues to make the news.

Community Perspective: Democracy depends on the freedom to read

A community perspectives piece by members of the Virginia Library Association Daily we hear cries for book banning by elected officials across America. Sadly, Virginia is not immune. This year the General Assembly proposed legislation that would give the commonwealth increased power to dictate curriculum choices across the state, by restricting what types of books …

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