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Community Perspective: From Madrid to Paris

A contributed perspectives piece by Anna Rose Geary: An overnight train trip offers more than chaperones on this school trip bargained for.


Statewide environmental news roundup – July 2023 (Part II)

“A major reform of how Virginia regulates the electricity monopoly Dominion Energy is cutting power bills [effective July 1]. It [ends] three surcharges.… it clears the way for a program to ease the impact of Dominion’s pass-through of fuel costs to ratepayers


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

Community Perspective: How do you spend your time?

A contributed perspectives piece by C.A. Mills
Craft (big C and little c) is back baby, and it is back in a big way.


Statewide environmental news roundup – July 2023 (Part I)

“This pipeline was snarled in court. Then Congress stepped in.” The Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s Director declared President Biden’s signing of the debt ceiling bill “will forever stain his legacy on climate and environmental justice … [as] the president who built the Mountain Valley Pipeline [MVP]. The president who locked in new fossil fuel infrastructure for decades to come at the most pivotal point in our climate journey. The president who stomped on more than half a century of bedrock environmental protections as a political favor.”

Community Perspective: What I’ve learned as OCP’s executive director … and where the community needs to go

Community Perspective piece by Sam Nickels: As I wind down my 5.5 years as executive director at Our Community Place, I reflect on where we’ve come as a community over that time. (OCP just hired a new director who will start on July 3.)

Statewide environmental news roundup – June 2023

June’s two biggest stories are the debt ceiling deal that cleared the way for the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) completion and the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board’s vote to withdraw Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Both stories made headlines in and outside Virginia. Both outcomes were setbacks for pipeline opponents and RGGI supporters.

Community Perspective: Can you replace your car with an ebike in Harrisonburg? Possibly.

A contributed perspectives piece by Brent Finnegan I was two-thirds of the way up the hill on Paul Street headed toward Ott when I couldn’t pedal any farther. I dismounted my bike and commenced the walk of shame up the remainder of the hill. When I reached the summit of Old Town hill I waited …

Statewide environmental news roundup – May 2023

Dominion issued its latest long-range Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). Governor Youngkin announced that the 2023 IRP “validates [his] energy plan released in October 2022….” The plan calls for “new gas plants [and] advanced nuclear [that Dominion said] will be needed to meet soaring demand.” “Renewables alone aren’t expected to meet a projected increase in demand for electricity in the coming decades, Dominion … said in [its] … filing …. That means the state’s largest electric utility may seek to keep most of its existing power stations online for decades to come and seek to build additional small natural gas and nuclear units.”

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