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Whether it’s science or not, practitioners of water witching swear by its seeking powers

Some swear a forked branch from a peach tree is best. Others cut a coat hanger in half. Still others use bronze. Water witching is holding sticks or rods in front of you while you walk, hoping they’ll dip or cross when you’ve hit a patch of groundwater ideal for a well.


A composite image with a headshot of a man and the webpage of a blog called Harvspot

Harvey Yoder to retire from his job … but not from his activism 

Harvey Yoder, 84, is finally retiring … sort of. Yoder—a soft-spoken Mennonite pastor, activist, blogger and newspaper columnist in Harrisonburg—is stepping down March 18 from his day job as counselor at the Family Life Resource Center.


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.


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