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Tougher than dry turkey? How Hburg residents plan to tackle awkward political discussions this Thanksgiving

Video produced by Ian Munro

Thanksgiving dinner for some families doesn’t just involve occasionally competing over turkey legs or the wishbone. It can mean fighting over Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, immigration policy and climate change, CNN and Fox News.

Then again, no matter how uncomfortable your Thanksgiving might seem, other families will have even more awkward territory to navigate, like the Goodlattes when soon-to-be-retired Congressman Bob Goodlatte and his son, Bobby, talk about this fall’s race to replace the elder Goodlatte — or the Gosar family in Arizona when Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar meets up with his six siblings who urged voters to support their brother’s opponent.

Around here though, Harrisonburg residents told The Citizen they have some strategies to navigate those touchy political topics this Thanksgiving:

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