Chris Runion wins GOP nomination in 25th House District firehouse primary

By Andrew Jenner

VERONA — Chris Runion, a businessman from Bridgewater, narrowly defeated two other Republicans to win that party’s nomination in the 25th state House District after a sprint of a campaign that ended with Saturday’s firehouse primary.

Runion, the owner of Eddie Edwards Signs in Harrisonburg with deep ties to the area business community, received 1,299 votes, with a strong showing in Rockingham County. He defeated Marshall Pattie, a professor of management at JMU and Augusta County supervisor, who received 1,041 votes. Richard Fox, an Albemarle County farmer, finished third with 744 votes. Each candidate won his home county.

The 25th District covers the part of southern Rockingham County that includes Bridgewater, as well as northern Augusta County and the communities in western Albemarle County, including Crozet.

Runion will now face Democrat Jennifer Kitchen of Augusta County in the November election to take over for the longtime delegate, Steve Landes of Verona, who decided not to seek re-election and is, instead, running for Augusta County Clerk of Court.

The firehouse primary finished off an eight-week sprint of a campaign for the trio of Republicans since Landes announced March 5 that he wouldn’t run.

For more analysis and reactions to the contentious final hours of the 25th District firehouse primary Saturday, please read The Citizen on Monday. 


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