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Collaborative Divorce in the Shenandoah Valley

Divorce is a legal process where at the end of the day, two people dissolve a relationship and disentangle themselves financially from each other. It may seem straight forward, but divorce can be quite emotionally and financially traumatic, leaving some people with serious lifelong scars and ongoing anger. There are many different processes for obtaining a divorce, and each has certain pros and cons. The goal of this article is not to raise one above another, but to instead highlight how one of those options attempts to achieve loftier goals for the divorcing couple.


Statewide environmental news roundup – November 2020

Advocacy group Generation 180 is promoting solar on schools in Virginia. Several Southwest Virginia school systems want solar panels but face obstacles. Fairfax County has contracted with multiple companies to provide solar on several government facilities. Danville’s municipal electric utility added more solar to its grid, and a Big Stone Gap business went solar.


Reed, Dent appear to win council election; Hirschmann also likely re-elected

Mayor Deanna Reed and Laura Dent, both Democrats, and Independent incumbent George Hirschmann are leading the race for three seats on the Harrisonburg City Council, according to unofficial results released Tuesday night by the city registrar’s office. The results do not include absentee ballots returned on Tuesday to drop boxes located at each voting precinct. While that total is not known, election officials said several hundred absentee ballots were still outstanding as of Tuesday.


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

The 2020 Economic Recovery

When you draw the letter K you probably start with a simple vertical line. Somewhere near the midpoint of that line you then draw two more lines, one rising diagonally upwards towards the top and the other descending diagonally towards the bottom. According to some economists, these two diverging lines represent the two distinct recovery trends that are simultaneously occurring right now as our economy struggles to regain its footing.

Statewide environmental news roundup – October 2020

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved a two-year extension for completing the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s (MVP), as MVP owners are seeking FERC permission to resume construction. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reissued three permits for an MVP “path across nearly 1,000 streams and wetlands.” Environmental groups have sued over a U.S. Fish & Wildlife service “biological opinion” concerning MVP construction’s impact on endangered species.

Community perspective: Safeguard the union after the election

The Coronavirus pandemic and the current vitriolic election campaigns have underscored the intense political and social divisions that we face as a nation and as a community. If our union and our local communities are to remain intact, it is crucial that people of goodwill foster understanding across partisan divides.

Community perspective: Freedom of expression

As a nonpartisan group of women, we are writing to affirm that whoever you are, our equality is bound up with yours, as yours is bound up with ours. In our workplaces, homes, communities, and collectively as a nation, we are all making important choices. We are laying foundations for our shared future. Will we live into our founding fathers’ ideals of liberty and justice, freedom and equality for all?

Explosion and fire level shopping center on Miller Circle; 3 people injured; cause determined to be a natural gas leak

An explosion around 8:30 a.m. Saturday injured at least three people and destroyed the shopping center at Miller Circle, between Purcell Park and South Main Street.

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