COVID-19 vaccines given to residents of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County
Harrisonburg and Rockingham County population that is fully vaccinated

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Community Perspective: Change the name of Turner Ashby High School


A contributed perspectives piece by the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley

This is the second installment of a regular series of contributed news roundups about statewide environmental news. This piece highlights, with links to further coverage in various media outlets, recent environmental news stories of significance to Virginia, with a focus on energy and the environment.


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

Community Perspective: That Time When Elizabeth Taylor Cut In Line At The Steakhouse

Film icon Elizabeth Taylor and former Naval Secretary John Warner married in late 1976. Two months later, a friend gave me Warner’s Middleburg, Virginia phone number, which I called to ask if Ms. Taylor would speak with JMU Theater students. I recognized Warner’s voice when he answered saying he was his own butler but played along while he took the message.


Climbing a wall of worry

The market likes to climb a wall of worry as they say. This is one of those market phrases that you might hear tossed around from time to time, but if you are like me, this never seemed to logically make any sense. If people are fearful about something that is happening or is predicted to happen, why then, does the market sometimes drift higher, or climb a wall of worry, like many feel it is doing now. It defies common sense, or does it?

Financial escape velocity

A contributed perspective by Stephan J. Hess, CFP Editor’s Note: This is another installment of a monthly series of contributed pieces addressing financial matters. A rocket needs a massive amount of energy and speed to escape earth’s atmosphere and gravitational pull. Once in space, it can accelerate easily and pretty much go anywhere it pleases …

Community Perspective: Health standards needed to protect workers

In response to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, members of Congress, including Virginia U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, tried to get the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to create mandatory and enforceable standards to protect workers, but they were blocked by the current administration that wanted purely voluntary guidelines without inspections or sanctions.

Community Perspective: The Steps and The Square

Friday night, June 5th, hundreds of people gathered in downtown Harrisonburg. Stan Maclin of the Harriet Tubman Cultural Center organized the event and called it Peace Rally Part 2, a sort of sequel to one that occurred a week earlier. This rally was also described as a community forum, a chance for conversation and a time to ask questions of some powerful people in Harrisonburg: Commonwealth Attorney Marsha Garst, Chief of Police Eric English, and Judge Anthony Bailey.

Community Perspective: Oscar Online

A retired acting teacher from JMU reflects on coming out of retirement for his grandchild’s theater class online.

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