Author: Sofia Samatar

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Frozen Children

Walk in any direction and you will find them: the frozen children of our town.


The Inventory of the Streets

A blustery day, blue and silver and black and white. A sky of smoke and metal, constantly in motion, the clouds dark as charcoal in the center but ringed with a blazing platinum glow.


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

Forest Bathing

Do you know the entrance to the forest?


The Wood Between the Worlds

I call this slope at Westover Park the Wood Between the Worlds for these qualities: stillness, silence, and symmetry.

Things Can Be Small and Still Retain Their Nature

Today I’m thinking about the authenticity of little things.

These Little Touches

Extreme brightness of January sun. Is it possible to walk off sorrow?

The Cozy Outdoors

For the past few years, winter in the Friendly City has been mild, the holiday season almost balmy. How enchanting, then, to wake and find the street transformed into one of those blue globes enclosing a snowy scene!

What Is a City?

On a morning of fog, the trees gray with frost after the ice storm, I’m wondering: What is a city?

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