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Roses, Roots, Branches, Buds

When you first arrived in the city, you were struck by the ghostly atmosphere of the parking lot of Roses Discount Store. That was before you knew the history of this place. Now you can’t help wondering: can a landscape absorb the vibrations of an event, can a loss curdle the air, can stones speak?


Natural Light

Let’s go east up the hill today, then north along Jackson Street, on this keen, sharp-edged morning, when it feels good to climb up through the alleys dotted with azure speedwell.


In the Margin of the Margin

Public space is a border zone, made for everyone and no one.


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

The Porous Surface

In the Friendly City, March has many moods. It’s not just that it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, as in the proverb. March is a grab bag of textures, featuring extremes of hardness and softness that seem unrelated, as if they’re happening not at different times but in different countries.

Frozen Children

Walk in any direction and you will find them: the frozen children of our town.

The Inventory of the Streets

A blustery day, blue and silver and black and white. A sky of smoke and metal, constantly in motion, the clouds dark as charcoal in the center but ringed with a blazing platinum glow.

Forest Bathing

Do you know the entrance to the forest?

The Wood Between the Worlds

I call this slope at Westover Park the Wood Between the Worlds for these qualities: stillness, silence, and symmetry.

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