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Community Perspective: Public Notice amendment provides for more awareness, financial savings and fairness

The time has come for members of the General Assembly to seriously consider the rapidly growing segment of the media industry that includes online news agencies to be at least on par with the quickly diminishing segment of the media industry represented by printed newspapers.


Community Perspective: How Harrisonburg Residents Can Lower Our Carbon Footprint And Address The Housing Crisis


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

Community Perspective: K-12 Student Growth is not Stopping Anytime Soon

A contributed perspectives piece by Joe Fitzgerald.
Correlation isn’t causation. That’s what people will tell you when they’re trying to deny or soft-pedal the relationship between two numbers twined together like snakes on a caduceus. What they should say is that correlation isn’t always causation, but more often than not it’s a good starting point.


Statewide environmental news roundup – Dec. 2022

“Virginia … [began its] official withdrawal [via the regulatory process] from [the] regional carbon market [known as RGGI, although] debates over legality of [the Youngkin administration’s and the Air Quality Control Board’s] move persist.”


Community Perspective: It Costs Me (Us) So Little

It costs me so little to say he, instead of she; to say they or them, or y’all, instead of boys and girls. It costs me so little to say, “I’m sorry. Yes, I can call you Max instead of Alexandra.” It costs me so little to be empathetic and curious about the lives of others whose bodies don’t feel like the right home for their spirit or their gender assignment; for their unique expression of the masculine and/or feminine. It costs me so little to know and remember these expressions, and it costs me so little to say yes to policies that support gender non-conforming people in our schools, and to say no to the ones whose mission is to control, rather than to support. 

Statewide environmental news roundup – Nov. 2022

The Governor “wants Virginia to be the first state to commercialize [small nuclear reactors, SMRs]”; he wants one located in Southwest Virginia. This technology hasn’t been developed on a large-scale. The Governor said recycling nuclear waste will be a priority. He also said Southwest Virginia could become an “energy epicenter” for the state, the US, and world. An Environment and Energy reporter explained what an SMR is.

Community Perspective: Stop the Hollering, Start the Helping

A contributed perspectives piece by Melissa Weaver

Statewide environmental news roundup – October 2022 (Part II)

Virginia’s Governor issued his Energy Plan. A Southwest Virginia editor noted that the “plan shows the changing politics of energy [with] … the Republican governor of a coal-producing state who is not talking up coal.” A long-time follower of Virginia energy policy and laws expressed skepticism, asking “You call that an energy plan?

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