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Community Perspective: Blue Ridge FC: Harrisonburg’s New Soccer Sensation Draws Crowds and Dreams Big


Roses, Roots, Branches, Buds

When you first arrived in the city, you were struck by the ghostly atmosphere of the parking lot of Roses Discount Store. That was before you knew the history of this place. Now you can’t help wondering: can a landscape absorb the vibrations of an event, can a loss curdle the air, can stones speak?


Community Perspective: How Harrisonburg Residents Can Lower Our Carbon Footprint And Address The Housing Crisis


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

Community Perspective: Democracy depends on the freedom to read

A community perspectives piece by members of the Virginia Library Association Daily we hear cries for book banning by elected officials across America. Sadly, Virginia is not immune. This year the General Assembly proposed legislation that would give the commonwealth increased power to dictate curriculum choices across the state, by restricting what types of books …

Walking through time: New local tour delves into African American history

When Monica Robinson, executive director of the Shenandoah Valley Black Heritage Project, visits cemeteries and 19th century houses and historical sites, she feels an echo of the traumas and victories of those who were there before. 

Community Perspective: On the Road to a Living Wage

A contributed perspectives piece by Chris Hoover Seidel, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Living Wage Campaign Steering Committee Member Six years ago when On the Road Collaborative Executive Director Brent Holsinger was building an organization of “five volunteers and zero dollars” from scratch, he was searching for a wage level that would honor the work of closing opportunity gaps for …

Community Perspective: Nomadland – A Review

A contributed perspectives piece by Tom Arthur Nomadland, now showing on HULU,has swept most major critics’ awards after its premier at the Venice Film Festival last September and is a frontrunner for “Leading Actress” and “Best Director” Academy Awards. Critics for The New Yorker, British Guardian, Washington Post, Hollywood Reporter, NPR and other major outlets all …

Community Perspective: The Life Raft of Truth and the Ocean of Lies

A Four Part Series by C. David Pruett Part IV: Truth and Reconciliation On January 6, 2021, American democracy survived—barely—its most severe test since the Civil War. Yet rather than being vanquished, all the threats that put us to this extreme test remain in place: political polarization, economic inequality, systemic racism, and rampant disinformation. Of …

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