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Spring arrives in the Valley with multiple wildfires

The first full day of spring in Rockingham County arrived with beauty, warmth, wind, and wildfires.


The end of an era for Hose Company No. 4 in Harrisonburg?

Hose Company No. 4, the oldest fire department in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, is in a quandary. Having served the city as a volunteer department since 1890, Hose Company No. 4 has been told to vacate its only city station, Station 4, on East Rock St by Sept. 1, and is still looking for a place to house its firefighting equipment.


City’s Fire Museum Reopens, and Larry Shifflett couldn’t be happier

The smile on Larry Shifflett’s face said it all. He couldn’t be happier now that the Harrisonburg Fire Museum, named in his honor, was open again.


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

Fight and flight: Witnessing the ugly side of birding

At first, I did a double-take. My wife and I had just turned the corner from Rawley Pike south onto Erickson Avenue, just west of Harrisonburg on Sunday. As we passed the Word Ministries Christian Church entrance, I noticed two large birds to my left, south of the church.Both birds furiously flapped their wings. But there was something extraordinary about what we were seeing.


To knot or not to knot was not even a question for these dedicated knotters

Comforters are aptly named. They comfort their makers, the givers, and those who receive them. That’s what makes them so appealing, so magical, so comforting, pun intended.

EMU weather balloon project teaches engineering students life lessons

What goes up must come down. That old axiom recently proved to be true for six Eastern Mennonite University engineering students. Only the results weren’t quite what they expected.

Terra incognita: Lessons from Harrisonburg’s Big Dig

A series of unfortunate surprises caused considerable delay to the East Market Street construction project, ranging from extensive rock just below the old asphalt to an unexpectedly shallow gas main laid atop an old sewer line, not to mention some abandoned coal chutes and an improperly installed telecommunications duct bank.

Expanded Harrisonburg Police Auxiliary looking for a few good people

The Harrisonburg Police Department has a new Wanted list featuring zero people suspected of committing crimes. Rather, after a recent ordinance amendment by city council, the police auxiliary is expanding from 25 to 35 officers.

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