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Community perspective: The story of a Hammer

Over a month ago, Harvey Yoder phoned our Carpenters Guild to see if we might help a woman patch the roof of her leaky house. 


Statewide environmental news roundup – June 2022

Washington & Lee University inked a “long-term virtual power purchase agreement” with a solar developer “to purchase enough solar energy to match 100% of the university’s annual electricity consumption.” Meanwhile, the Port of Virginia says it’s ahead of schedule on its goal to be carbon neutral by 2040, and will be meeting all its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2024.


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

Community Perspective: Why a group of teachers and parents have filed suit against Harrisonburg City Public Schools


Community Perspective: Glory

I went to Vietnam to fight the war against communist aggression; I volunteered for the draft and wanted to save world and save Vietnam; but getting beaten down into the mud by the rain was not what I had in mind for my great adventure as a soldier. I have been soaked with rain, soaked with sweat, covered in mud, splattered with blood. I learned that an infantry solider learns to block out the pain and move on.


Statewide environmental news roundup – May 2022

A joint UVA-Virginia Department of Energy solar survey revealed that “the total amount of electricity generated annually by solar in Virginia went from 30 GWh in 2015 to 3,675 GWh in 2021; [and] … identified property values, economic benefits, and the impact on farmland as topics related to solar that Virginians are most interested in.” A federal investigation of solar equipment imports may slow installations. There are concerns that predatory residential solar installation companies will “sow distrust;” advocates want “more guardrails.”


Community Perspective: Harrisonburg Can’t Move Forward on Sustainability Without HEC

A community perspectives piece by The 50by25 campaign Harrisonburg has a commitment to sustainability. The City Council approved the city’s first Environmental Action Plan (EAP) in early 2020, and ordered a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions inventory. In late 2020, City Council unanimously adopted a resolution to reach 100% renewable energy on our local electrical grid …

Community Perspective: Bike Riding

A contributed perspectives piece by Joe Laughland In 1957, at age eleven, all my friends rode bikes but me. Even though my older brother offered his bike, he never had time to teach me how to ride it. My friends pretended to fly fighter planes using their bikes. Laminated cards attached to the frame flapping …

Community Perspective: When Grandma Missed the Boat

A contributed perspectives piece by Anna Rose Geary Grandmother Teresa Puca was a very determined woman.  She was a Neapolitan, and all Italians knew there was no arguing with someone from Naples.  It was generally believed that Neapolitans could out-cook, out-argue and out-shout any other Italians!  So, when grandma decided to do something, there was nothing anyone could …

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