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When you give a porch a show: The birth of Silk Moth Stage

Aili Huber has been regularly directing plays since she was 14, a passion that has taken her across the country. So when she was building a new porch on her house in west Rockingham County a little over a year ago, all those stages she had worked on seemed to manifest themselves in the porch’s design. 


For programs aimed at helping people with disabilities, funding remains a challenge

A pair of organizations continue to help people with disabilities be more involved in the community, including training them for jobs or providing them with volunteer opportunities. But those agencies find themselves constantly grinding away with fundraising and grant requests to pay for those programs.  


Tiller Strings: sales, rentals, repair, sheet music, accessories.

New Sentara urgent care center to open on Stone Spring Road

Sentara will open an urgent care center in Harrisonburg next month, adding another option for the community’s non-emergency medical care, which is spread thin especially on weekends. 

After 25 years, Salvation Army Toy Convoy keeps spreading joy

For the past 25 years, Harrisonburg’s Salvation Army, along with others in the area, has run the Toy Convoy as a way to bring joy to families in need, and the event has only expanded over the last quarter century.

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