COVID-19 vaccines given to residents of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County
Harrisonburg and Rockingham County population that is fully vaccinated

Harrisonburg Elections

On Nov. 5, Harrisonburg voters will have a say in choosing their next Delegate and State Senator. The local Sheriff and Commonwealth’s Attorney will also be up for re-election, although neither of these Constitutional Officers will face a challenger on the ballot.

For even more about the candidates’ backgrounds and positions on key issues, check out The Citizen’s coverage of those contests:

Wilt-vs-Finnegan26th House of Delegates District

Familiar opponents Wilt and Finnegan gear up for the fall’s 26th District race in a different political environment.  (June 20)

Wilt, Copeland and Finnegan give JMU students a preview of their 26th District campaigns (March 22)

26th House of Delegates District Democratic primary
(June 11):

In the wake of Tuesday’s primary, Democrats’ first order of business is coming back together (June 14)

Brent Finnegan wins the 26th District Democratic primary (June 11)

Democratic candidates ‘nerd out’ in final pitches to voters, as their supporters’ resolve hardens (June 5)

With 3 weeks to the primary, Finnegan and Copeland ramp up their (different) approaches to reach Democratic voters (May 21)

At Democratic forum, candidates largely in agreement on the issues – and critiques of Republican policies (May 10)

Democratic 26th District candidates both try small-donor approach — but reveal different campaign spending philosophies as they try to chase Del. Wilt. (April 22)

25th House of Delegates District Republican firehouse primary
(April 27):

Chris Runion looks ahead to November after Republican primary win. (Election coverage, April 29)

Chris Runion wins GOP nomination in 25th House District firehouse primary (Election coverage, April 27)

A farmer, a businessman and a county supervisor walk into a debate hall… (Debate coverage, April 17)

Unexpected retirement prompts candidate scramble in the 25th House district (March 7)

 Local offices:

While debate over local criminal justice continues, voters won’t have much say on top law enforcement jobs this fall (June 17)



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